Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Where being a procrastinator has led to my inability to sew knickers at a whim.

My trusty Janome 6260 is wounded...perhaps seriously.  I have known this from the time that I first heard the ominous rasping sound coming from her bobbin-y bits and noted that she failed to make a stitch, but I thought perhaps it was something that could be remedied by a good clean, an afternoon's googling and a bit of a fiddle.  At any rate, I was in a hurry to complete a project to a deadline so I resumed sewing on the Singer and set aside the repair for when I had more time up my sleeve.  Surely it couldn't be that serious?

Sadly I was wrong.  Whatever is the matter is definitely beyond my pathetic abilities to repair and so I must spend some money, cross my fingers and hope that whatever I have done to her isn't mortal.  As the damage was done a good month ago now, you'd think that I would have sorted it out straight away so that I could have the machine back in working order as soon as possible, but no, that's not how I roll.  Instead I shoved the machine into the dark recesses of my sewing room and hoped that perhaps it would spontaneously remedy itself or maybe be not quite as bad as I had feared.

I have loads of projects I could be working on that only require straight stitch, but I have gotten it into my head that I must make knickers.  I must make them now.  Trouble is, without the modern convenience of zig zag, it ain't going to happen.  Obviously, I need to have a back up machine, you know, like an emergency sewing machine.  A nice vintage zig-zagger perhaps?  Oh yeah, I have one of those - the machine I got secondhand for my 16th Birthday.  I'd dig it out and all would be sweet only something horrible happened to the bobbin and I shoved it into the depths of my sewing room to be fixed "one day".  Obviously, it's still broken.

It serves me right!

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