Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Open for business - On Zibbet!

I've been busily sewing away so that I could open my new store on Zibbet and finally I have some items listed.

Unfortunately, this coincided with the site having problems with its search capability so my items, like thousands of others have been rendered invisible.  It's a shame because I have to admit to being a bit besotted with the site - I really hope that they get things fixed soon.  The Mr jokingly asked if they were hiring as he had a background in e-commerce and point of sale systems - maybe I should forward his CV to the CEO.  It sounds like they could use some extra help to cope with the influx of sellers and the thousands of items that have been recently added to their shops!

Apart from the current issue, I am loving Zibbet so far.  It's true that it doesn't have the pretty factor of Etsy - yet - but the company is amazing, the community friendly and welcoming, and the fees are so much cheaper.  The biggest and most impressive thing about it is the presence of the CEO Jonathan Peacock in the forums.  If you have a question, it gets answered, if you have a useful suggestion it is noted.  It's just such a culture shock coming from Etsy to here - a good one!  This company still has a social conscience and a real commitment to handmade.  I am hopeful that this is going to be the next big thing and I am really excited to be a part of such a positive and creative community.

If you have a minute or two, drop in and have a look.  And perhaps come back in a day or two, when things are working as they should.

The site is admittedly not as pretty as Etsy, but they are currently rebuilding the site so it will have a new fresh face in the near future.  A lot of great sellers have moved there due to the changes at Etsy and they'd really appreciate your support in getting this site off the ground.

Yesterday I listed these pretties:


Soon I will have my new blog template with the shop button sorted out (see yesterdays Luddite post...), but until then you can find my little corner of Zibbet here.

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